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Four 'protest novels' published 2012 and 2013 in Cape Town (Kima Global Publications) take issue with stifling materialist thinking and attitudes, still dominant at the start of the 21st century. They are New Creation, Brief Authority, The Life Play and New Enlightenment. The third and fourth novels, The Life Play and New Enlightenment bring together the people and places of the first two novels, New Creation and Brief Authority.

In biology a major review of Afrotemperate amphibians was delivered at an international conference in 2012, and published in the African Journal of Herpetology, volume 62, 2013, the volume being 'A celebration of the works of John Charles Poynton'.

Science, Mysticism and Psychical Research

The book centres on a towering synthesis achieved by the late Michael Whiteman, an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town. He melded physics and general science with psychical research and Indian and Western mystical texts, clarified by a life-time of psychical and mystical experience, and coupled with an extensive knowledge of philosophy and psychology. Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2015.

New Enlightenment

An African game reserve and nearby mission, with London interludes, are the settings for experiences of a great revolution of our time: realising that the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century was in many ways a false enlightenment. The characters in this novel (most of whom appeared in the earlier novels) engage in this great revolution as a new enlightenment is forged in the heat of Africa.

The Life Play

The Life play is a tale of personal growth, from conventional thinking -- both religious and materialistic -- to fuller understanding of life's deeper dimensions. it is about one of the great issues of our time: the conflict that pits
materialism against spirituality. It depicts the dramatic inner revolution of a materialistic psychiatrist as he experiences powerful and startling events that show his entrenched world-view to be unsustainable. His life becomes
intertwined with that of a game ranger, leading to spiritual growth and consolidation in them both. The action moves between notable settings in England and an African game reserve and nearby mission, in keeping with the concept that 'all the world's a stage.'

The Life Play follows John Poynton's New Creation and Brief Authority to complete a trilogy of novels which tell of personal growth, from conventional thinking.

"His theme that reality extends way beyond rationality lies comfortably in his plots, and l hope he will continue to publish such thought-provoking 'good reads".

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Brief Authority

Brief Authority gives an insider’s perspective of one of the great issues of our time: the conflict between established materialism embraced by standard science, ‘Dress’d in a little brief authority,’ and the growing holistic, spiritual view. The novel follows the struggles of a retired medically-trained psychiatrist as he becomes caught in this conflict through encounters with a cluster of gifted young people. How may a conventionally trained psychiatrist react when his fixed materialism is challenged? Could he even begin to think the unthinkable, that his entrenched world-view is unsustainable? It is a world-view that proves to be powerful; he finds himself placed on a knife-edge of deadening theory versus living experience.

The novel’s focus on a persecuted cross-dressing poet allows deep probing into themes of gender and sexuality, self-exploration, inner transformation, love, and psychic experience, as well as prejudice and socio-medical dilemma. The themes develop as they become woven into romantic affairs of the young people.

The psychiatrist himself tells the story. A setting in the Marylebone-Paddington-Kensington area of London provides a rich background for the narrative, although the drama reaches out as far as New York. The story is intertwined with the course of seasonal changes from turbulent summer to autumnal waning a year later.

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New Creation

Here is a novel that explores the soul of the African wilds along with one of the great issues of our time: the conflict between
materialistic and spiritual world views. It fires up the possibility of mankind to pioneer a new level of understanding and existence, a new creation, a new evolutionary stage in harmony with all life.

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