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Selected Publications

1961 Biogeography of south-east Africa. Nature 189: 801-803.
1962 Zoogeography of eastern Africa: an outline based on Anuran distribution. Nature 194: 1217-1219.
1964 The Amphibia of southern Africa: a faunal study. Annals of the Natal Museum 17: 1-334.
1967 Santa Rosalia in Africa or why are there so many African birds? South African Journal of Science 63: 471-497.
1973 Parapsychology in South Africa. In Parapsychology today: a Geographical View ed. A. Angoff & B. Shapin, p. 106-120. New York: Parapsychology Foundation.
1974 Parapsychology and the biological sciences. In Parapsychology and the Sciences ed. A. Angoff & B. Shapin, p. 116-134. New York: Parapsychology Foundation.
1975 Parapsychology in South Africa. Johannesburg: S.A. Society for Psychical Research.
1978 The herpetofauna (with D.G. Broadley). In Biogeography and Ecology of Southern Africa ed. M.J.A. Werger, p. 925-948. The Hague: W. Junk.
1985 Ontological frameworks and intelligibility in science. South African Journal of Philosophy 4: 132-136.
1985 - 1991 Amphibia Zambesiaca (with D.G. Broadley). Annals of the Natal Museum 26: 503-553, 27: 115-181, 28: 161-229, 29: 447-490, 32: 221-277.
1987 Smuts's Holism and Evolution sixty years on. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 46: 181-189.
1994 Making sense of psi: Whiteman's multilevel ontology. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 59: 401-412.
1998(1999) A critically endangered new species of Nectophrynoides (Anura: Bufonidae) from the Kihansi Gorge, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania (with K.M. Howell, B.T. Clarke & J.C. Lovett). African Journal of Herpetology 47:59-67.
1999 Distribution of amphibians in sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and Seychelles. In Patterns of Distribution of Amphibians: a Global Perspective ed. W.E. Duellman, p. 483-539. Baltimore & London: Johns Hopkins University Press.
2003 Altitudinal species turnover in southern Tanzania: some zoogeographical considerations. Systematics and Biodiversity 1: 117-126.
2004 Long shadow over psychical research: an essay review of Johnson's Kant on Swedenborg: Dreams of a Spirit-Seer. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 68: 262-268.
2007 Amphibian diversity in East African biodiversity hotspots: altitudinal and latitudinal patterns (with S.P. Loader, E. Sharratt & B.T. Clarke). Biodiversity Conservation 16: 1103-1118.
2011 Science, politics and psychical research. Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research 59: 97-107.
2011 Many levels, many worlds and psi: a guide to the work of Michael Whiteman. Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research 59: 109-139.
2012 New Creation. Clovelly, Cape Town: Kima Global Publishers.
2012 Brief Authority. Clovelly, Cape Town: Kima Global Publishers.
2013 The Life Play. Clovelly, Cape Town: Kima Global Publishers.
2013 New Enlightenment. Clovelly, Cape Town: Kima Global Publishers.

Afrotemperate amphibians in southern and eastern Africa: a critical review. African Journal of Herpetology 62: 5-29.


Science, Mysticism and Psychical Research: The Revolutionary Synthesis of Michael Whiteman. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Designation and description of a neotype of Sclerophrys maculata (Hallowell, 1854), and reinstatement of S. pusilla (Mertens, 1937) (Amphibia: Anura: Bufonidae) (with S.P. Loader, W. Conradie, M.-O. Rodel & H.C. Liedtke). Zootaxa 4098 (1): 73-94.

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